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Los Angeles

Meet the Los Angeles Board:

President: Tanya Parikh of K.R. Gems & Diamonds Int'l
President-Elect: Sheila Siu of Trumpet & Horn

Immediate Past President: Jen Cullen Williams of Luxury Brand Group

Vice President: Rebecca Moskal of Communique - LA     
Treasurer: Kelsey Hickox of The RealReal
Secretary + Communications Co-Chair: Sarah Butler of Bony Levy
Communications Co-Chair: Marianna Gomez of Erica Courtney
Event Planning Co-Chair: Melissa Spencer of Spencer Fine Jewelry
Event Planning Co-Chair: Vinita Haldia of Dignity Jewelry
Event Planning Co-Chair + Membership Co-Chair: Diane Caldwell of Mark Schneider Design
Membership Co-Chair: Lena Agdere of Lord Jewelry
Promotions Co-Chair (Instagram): Grace Lavarro of Jewels by Grace
Promotions Co-Chair (Facebook): Harvinder Keila of Kaura Jewels
Promotions Co-Chair (Social Media): Jen Cullen Williams of Luxury Brand Group
Social Media Chair: Natasha Wehba of Sablina Jewelry
Website Co-Chair: Sheila Siu of Trumpet & Horn
Website Co-Chair: Stacy Soper of Stacy Nolan
Website Co-Chair + Newsletter Co-Chair: Jilienne Hart-Arth of Jilienne Rose
Photography + Newsletter Co-Chair: Kylagh Alavian of Auor Jewelry
Scholarships & Grants Chair: Carol Koch of Carol Koch Sterling
Member At Large: Kerry Plumer of Kap Jewels
Member At Large: Lauren McCawley of Carbon West PR 
Member At Large: Pheap Lorn-Canossi of Phenomenon Jewels
Member At Large: Ris Moeller of Mark Broumand
2018 Shining Star: Sheila Siu of Trumpet & Horn

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