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Why WJA?


Meeting new people and forming meaningful business relationships is the hallmark of the Women's Jewelry Association and its world-wide network of members.  

What Our Members Say

Take a look at some of the amazing things our members say about being a part of the Women's Jewelry Association:

"Joining WJA moved my business ahead by five years."
Debra NavarroNAV Jewelry Works, LLC
WJA Dallas Chapter

"Some industry organizations are optional - WJA is not!"
- Marc Knobloch, Aron Knobloch Inc
WJA New York Metro Chapter

"The best part about being involved with the WJA Seattle chapter is the support and community. You can just feel how dedicated and passionate everyone in our chapter is about the jewelry industry, and how excited they are to share that knowledge. Any time I've run into a roadblock at the bench or in business, I have always had several WJA friends to lean on for solutions and problem solving."
- Adrienne Krieger,  Everling Jewelry
WJA Seattle Chapter

"Being involved in WJA gives me insight and edcuates me on the issues women in our business face and helps me learn what I can do to be part of the solution."
- Matthew Tratner, Jewelers of America
WJA New York Metro Chapter

"WJA offers extraordinary venues and opportunities to our local Boston chapter members. The chance to network and to increase our knowledge of the jewelry industry is invaluable and worth every penny. And everything is accomplished with a sense of style and fun."
-Marlene Richey
WJA Boston Chapter

"I can't think of an organization more fun than WJA. Its mixers and networking events are second to none and always give me a chance to meet new and interesting people."
- Trace Shelton, InStore Magazine
WJA Austin Chapter

"I joined WJA after moving to Kentucky from another state. Not knowing anyone in the jewelry industry in my area, WJA became a valuable resource, not just for my career but for my personal life as well. I have met an amazing group of women from all walks of the industry who constantly motivate and inspire me, as well as share their knowledge and unique points of view. The events, educational opportunities, and support from other members are invaluable. I have made great friends in our chapter and am now on the Board, hoping to inspire new members."
-Meg Carroll, Meg C Gallery
WJA Ohio/ Kentucky Chapter

"WJA has a great member culture and support system. They provide community, networking, scholarships and education - things that impact our industry in a positive way for men and women alike."
- Niveet Nagpal, Omi Gems
WJA Los Angeles Chapter

“Joining WJA and becoming actively involved in the Nor Cal Chapter was a turning point in my career path. The networking and mentoring that came out of my involvement with this organization helped me to grow in ways I never imagined. It is a privilege to be part of an organization that is built on the shoulders of so many high caliber professional women, the leaders and pioneers in the jewelry industry. Women empowering women: that is the greatest gift of this extraordinary organization!”
-Clare Ullman, Clare Ullman Design
WJA National Membership Chair

"The professionalism and support that WJA brings to women leaders, both up and comping and established, is vital to our industry's future." 
John Green, Lux Bond & Green
WJA Providence Chapter

“WJA has been a lifeline for me to keep connected to women in all aspects of our industry. The best part of being a part of the WJA is the support and kinship from my friends in the various chapters.”
-Laurie Watt, Mayer & Watt
President of the WJA Ohio / Kentucky Chapter

"Don't let the organization's name bias you - there is ample opportunity, possiblity, and exposure for all members within the WJA community."
Robert Gessner, Gessner Gems
WJA Los Angeles Chapter

“In a few short months, WJA has already proved as an invaluable resource with a wonderful network of women dedicated to helping one another succeed, I am thrilled and inspired to begin my career alongside the Boston Chapter.”
-Alexis Kletjian, Alexis Kletjian Fine Jewelry
WJA Boston Chapter

"I enjoy the exchange of ideas with others in the community. Be it designers, stone detailers, or retailers - I am always learning something new."
-Douglas Blank, Joseph Blank Inc.
WJA New York Metro Chapter

“The unwavering support and encouragement I have received from my fellow members in the Midwest Chapter has had such a huge impact in my life and career. I started out in our chapter as a young person new to the industry, and my mentors were always so generous and patient with their advice and guidance. I’ve found that some in the industry prefer to keep their successes and failures private, but the women of the Chicago Chapter tend to share their journeys in the hope that we can all learn something from them. I fully intend on paying it forward by mentoring the next generation of jewelry professionals whenever the opportunity arises!”
- Katie Hammond, KH Fine Jewelry & Consulting, LLC
WJA Chicago Chapter

"With WJA you have an opportunity to develop your skills as a leader and make a positive impact in the jewelry community."
- Peter Harts, Gemological Institute of America
WJA San Diego Chapter

“I can’t imagine working in the jewelry industry and not being a part of the WJA…it is such a great way to stay connected with old friends, meet new people in the industry and connect with smart women who are all about working together to accomplish great things.”
- Caryl Capeci, Hearts On Fire
WJA Boston Chapter

"The networking opportunities in the WJA are unparalleled and I have made many new business partners, as well as friends, due to my participation in the organization."
-Bryan Aderhold, Nash James Enterprises LLC
WJA New York Metro Chapter

“I originally joined WJA for all the networking possibilities. After I joined, I realized how much more WJA offers jewelry industry professionals. I still enjoy all the events that make it possible to network, but I also enjoy the emphasis that is placed on education.”
- Becka Johnson Kibby, The Edge Retail Academy
WJA National VP of Chapter Affairs