Shining Stars 2021

2021 Shining Stars

Hayley Lebeuf
Haley has been an incredible asset to the WJA Austin board. She’s always eager to help with new projects and her fresh perspective helps keep our chapter stay inventive and fun! She’s always the first to greet members at our events and is super outgoing and inviting. We are so blessed to have her as our new co-President elect and can’t wait to see where she takes our chapter in the years to come.

Sadhna Gupta Brown
WJA Boston

Sadhna acted as the chapter's conduit by assisting in the scheduling and the designing of our chapter's (co-hosted with Providence chapter) virtual event with Laryssa Wirstiuk--with whom Sadhna had worked to help her own business--held in June. Additionally, Sadhna's business model has some of her jewelry fabricated by girls and young women being educated in Kolkata by Her Future Coalition, an organization with which Sadhna is involved that aims to break the cycle of poverty and exploitation by providing education and a full range of supportive services to survivors and the most vulnerable girls in India and Nepal. Both efforts embody the support of women, both inside and outside of WJA

Dominique Larson
Dominique jumped onto the Chicago Chapter board at the end of 2019, just in time to help navigate the shift into digital events in 2020. In 2021, she joined the events committee, and since then she has had a hand in creating and coordinating nearly every chapter event.

Kelly Selcer Phoundoulakis
WJA Colorado

Kelly has been a long time participant in our local WJA events and a great asset to the Denver jewelry community. Her bubbly personality and "can do" attitude is pervasive. The Colorado WJA chapter is so very lucky to have her.

Radhika Gandi 
WJA Los Angeles

The Los Angeles chapter is proud to name Radhika Gandhi as our 2021 Shining Star. She graciously served as VP of Membership and President Elect in 2020 and 2021, respectively, during our chapter's most challenging years. Radhika's positive impact on our chapter was almost immediate, acting as a welcome friend to current, soon-to-be, and past WJA members. Her strong work ethic, graceful leadership style, and dedication has positioned the LA chapter for growth in 2022 and beyond.


Tracey Carswell
Tracey is the perfect recipient of the Shining Star award this year because she is such an important asset to our chapter. She is the reason the Miami Chapter is where it is today and we are forever grateful for all of her hard work. After all she has been through this year, I think this award would really put a smile on her face.

Marco Giovanelli
WJA New York 
Marco Giovanelli is truly one of a kind. He supports women in the workplace not only in words, but in action every single day. Marco enthusiastically shows up every time, for every meeting, with creative ideas of how we can do things better, and has developed systems and solutions that contribute to a seamless workflow. Kind, smart, funny, fun, and positive, he works behind the scenes, a part of it all—the Mastermind behind the planning and execution of all 34 WJA NY Metro 2021 events, he truly deserves the Shining Star Award.

Kate Eickelberg
WJA Northern 
The NorCal chapter has selected Kate Eickelberg as our 2021 Shining Star. Kate volunteered her time to help organize aspects of our mentorship program, The Jewelry Loupe Project. Having previously gone through the program herself, Kate filled in the gaps and made herself available to the group of mentees to answer questions and offer guidance. She organized virtual check-ins and helped to create a sense of community.

Bonnie Cornell
WJA Ohio/
Bonnie has been an active board member for years and is always willing to jump in and help out wherever needed! We can always count on her bring her enthusiasm for our chapter and the jewelry industry to all of our events and meetings!

Perris Parott
Perris is a bubbly, enthusiastic team player that's always ready to help out. She's consistently there to brainstorm, lend a hand, and reach out to new people. The Philadelphia Chapter is so grateful to have her as part of our team!

Julia Prout
Julia is at every meeting, always engaged, full of ideas, lends her artistic talent to enhance every event, and has the best location for summer meetings. 

Megan Cochran
WJA San 
Megan has been an integral member to our Board for the last several years. In addition to being our Treasurer, she always steps up to help out and brings great ideas for our members.


Jolica Taguiped
Jolica is a shining star for the WJA Seattle Chapter.  As Communications VP, Jolica is always there to offer solutions and provide help and encouragement. Jolica consistently promotes our events and the benefits of WJA to our social media audience with enticing images and copy.  No matter what time zone she's in she will get the job done with a smile. Jolica is full of life and talent and we are exceptionally happy to have her as a part of our community.

Alice Winker
WJA Twin 
Alice is a new addition to our board and she has brought joy and energy to our group. She is serving as secretary and is tremendously helpful running events. Alice is fun to be around.