Shining Stars 2020

2020 Shining Stars

Jen Leddy
WJA Austin

Jen not only serves as the Treasurer for WJA Austin, she also goes above and beyond to help with anything the chapter needs, whether it’s proofing emails, helping with our social media or with events! We are so grateful to have Jen on our board!


Lori Magno
WJA Boston

Lori is truly a Shining  Star.  Always with a  'big smile in her eyes”, Lori is ready to solve problems and take charge of a situation.   She is an example of a leader who knows the true meaning of the word and when something needs to be done, she jumps at the chance to help.  Lori’s sense of humor is a wonderful added bonus!


Jeanette Park
WJA Chicago

Jeanette has been an asset to the Chicago Chapter. She has had more than one role during her time on the board, excelled at each responsibility, and has gone above and beyond to be a constant presence at events. She has always been willing to take on a new challenge, has been a wealth of information and support for new board members, and is great at brainstorming new and interesting ideas. Thank you, Jeanette!


Avery Oatman
WJA Colorado


Kimberly Petersen
WJA Dallas

Kimberly’s willingness to help, excited and positive energy, and broad knowledge, both in and out of the industry, make her a unique and wonderful addition to our board, the Dallas Chapter, WJA, and the industry. She is a shining star in all aspects of her life, and we are so proud and grateful to have her and her fresh ideas on our team! 


Michelle Walden Fink
WJA Las Vegas

She did a great job as our Las Vegas Chapter President over the last year during such a difficult time.  She stepped up, even though we were struggling as a City and remained positive.  She worked diligently to get us to 30 members.  She kept us all united as a board with Zoom calls and collective discussions on the importance of having empathy for what everyone was going through.  She worked tirelessly to get Events together that everyone would enjoy and navigated through scheduling them online and making them a success.  It was definitely an interesting year to say the least and Michelle made a difference for the better here in Las Vegas and we truly appreciate that!!  


Lauren McCawley
WJA Los Angeles

Lauren is a powerful leader who has been passionately committed to our chapter's growth and success. Her generosity, dedication, and enthusiasm is inspiring. 


Tiffany Joachim
WJA Miami

The WJA Miami chapter chose Tiffany Joachim because of her immense contribution to our chapter. She was our first guest at our very first event where she jumped in to help, and hasn't stopped since! She continues to support and encourage our members as our President, and as our past VP of Membership, always made sure our members were well-taken care of. 


Laura Remmen
WJA New York Metro

Laura has served as the Chair of Communications in 2020, a year in which communication and organization have been of paramount importance to the Metro Chapter. Laura has led the most active team of volunteers in her role as Chair, bringing together a diverse group of individuals who have been dedicated to the Chapter despite the hardships of the year. Laura has innovated our communications platforms, bringing organizational tools to the board and streamlining processes to simplify the way we operate. Laura has consistently been the first to volunteer for new initiatives. Her professionalism in board meetings and in leading her team, as well as her encouragement of the chapter’s innovation and creative new directions, have made her a guiding force and a behind-the-scenes beacon of WJA leadership throughout a challenging year.


Marie McCarthy
WJA Northern California

Marie MacCarthy was chosen as NorCal's Shining Star because of her incredible contributions to The Jewelry Loupe Project mentorship program. As a founder and mentor, she has gone above and beyond for The Jewelry Loupe Project offering her expertise, financial support, and anything else that may be needed. With the program set to expand beyond NorCal, Marie's efforts will have an impact on emerging jewelers for years to come!


Charlotte Conway
WJA Ohio/Kentucky

We voted for Charlotte because of her enthusiasm and positivity! She always attends every meeting and event with excitement and joy, openly contributing her ideas and thoughts on how to better our chapter. She is a long time member and is now on the board in charge of communications and runs our chapter’s social media with her unique, fun flare! Our chapter wouldn’t be the same without her!


Shannon Henry
WJA Philladelphia

Shannon is one of the founding members of this new iteration of the Philadelphia Chapter. Without her hard work in revitalizing it, the chapter wouldn't be active today. She has volunteered her time on the board as several roles, including President Elect, President, and Membership VP. Shannon has been a guiding source of knowledge for our board, and without her we wouldn't have reached official chapter status. We've watched her leadership, networking, and management skills grow through her participation in WJA. Everyone who has volunteered on the board has found it an honor to serve with her!


Susan Derouin
The Providence Chapter chose Susan Derouin not only for her fun loving, caring attitude, but also because they know how hard she works and the passion she puts into sponsorships and fundraising.   Without Susan’s efforts, we wouldn’t be able to support an additional Chapter Grant each year.


Sara Rey
WJA San Diego

Sara Rey is an integral part of the San Diego Chapter and serves as Vice President of Communications on our board. Her can-do attitude, infectious optimism, eye for aesthetic, and sparkling work ethic make her a joy to serve with. We are proud to have Sara as our 2020 Shining Star!!


Wendy Woldenberg
WJA Seattle

Wendy is a beacon of light and good energy for our chapter. In a hard year she really stepped up and showed up. A big help for not only planning events, but also participating. All while opening her own store! Seattle appreciates Wendy, she is a Shining Star! 


Laurie Kottke
WJA Twin Cities

Laurie is one of the original board members and we are grateful she agreed to serve on the board again. With her joy, exuberance, and wisdom, she has been a valuable asset to our chapter. She has demonstrated incredible support for the chapter and community by organizing events like the Fill the Van event, collecting food for the local food shelf in need she is always willing to help and has great ideas. She has a lot of energy and does so much for our Twin Cities WJA chapter