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Why WJA?


Meeting new people and forming meaningful business relationships is the hallmark of the Women's Jewelry Association and its world-wide network of members.  


The Mentor Program is a fundamental expression of WJA's overall commitment to each member's personal growth and professional development. As a hallmark of WJA's commitment to foster the success of our future industry leaders, the Mentor Program connects experienced professionals with aspiring talent in a supportive environment. The program's goal is to provide both parties with a rewarding professional relationship that is mutually advantageous.

Mentor Match

Mentor Match is an easy online tool which pairs mentors with mentees and is suited to your schedule and availability preferences. This valuable benefit is exclusive to WJA members.

WJA is currently seeking mentors in the industry to sign up for the online Mentor Match platform.

What our members say



"I enjoy offering my experience in the industry as a WJA Mentor as a way of
giving back. I've had some wonderful mentors in my life and in the industry who
helped me build confidence and encouraged me continue in my professional
pursuits and dreams. We all have so much to offer and I have been surprised
at myself - mentoring is a wonderful experience!"

- Sara C.


"There are many benefits in volunteering time as a WJA Mentor! It's a great
opportunity to give back to members and helps establish and nurture positive,
professional relationships, which are key to the inudstry's growth and success.
Plus it allows me an opportunity to practice and improve my active listening
skills and reflect on what I've achieved and the steps it took to get there."

- Julia P.

"I signed up as a WJA Mentor because I remember how hard it was starting
out all on my own and I believe in the value of supporting anyone approaching
a new adventure as a business owner. It is fulfilling seeing progress with your
mentee, and witnessing their plan unfold one step at the time during each
new session. For me menoring represents a chance to learn more inspirational
stories and do my little part in helping others believe in themselves and succeed."

- Marco G.

If you would like to find out more information or are looking to give back, build your network, and exercise your leadership skills, please contact Rachel Jurisz, WJA Membership & Operations Manager, at

Thank you to our Mentor Match Sponsors!