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Why WJA?


Meeting new people and forming meaningful business relationships is the hallmark of the Women's Jewelry Association and its world-wide network of members.  

Leadership Development & Mentorship


About WJA's Leadership Development and Mentor Program

Committee chaired by Debbie Hiss and Liz Brehmer

The purpose of the Leadership Development Committee is to provide platforms from which we can develop leaders in the fine jewelry and watch industries. Our mission statement is as follows: To develop and offer educational and networking initiatives to our members that impart the knowledge and skills necessary to become leaders in the fine jewelry and watch industries.

The Mentor Program is a fundamental expression of WJA's overall commitment to each member's personal growth and professional development. As a hallmark of WJA's commitment to foster the success of our future industry leaders, the Mentor Program connects experienced professionals with aspiring talent in a supportive environment. The program's goal is to provide both parties with a rewarding professional relationship that is mutually advantageous.

The Mentor Program provides the opportunity to apply real-life wisdom, and the benefit of each participant's point-of-view, to workplace situations. Regardless of age or career tenure, WJA believes that all members have something to offer to one another. 

One-on-One Mentorship 

Members looking for mentorship can access our newly updated WJA Mentor program microsite.  Resources include a WJA Mentorship Guide, Mentee Interest Form, and Mentor Directory. This valuable benefit is exclusive to WJA members only! 

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If you would like to find out more information or get involved and begin your road to developing your own leadership skills, please contact or for further information.