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Why WJA?


Meeting new people and forming meaningful business relationships is the hallmark of the Women's Jewelry Association and its world-wide network of members.  


They are the heart and soul of it all! WJA members come from every segment of the industry to create an unparalleled network of key industry connections. From seasoned corporate executive to new jewelry student, collaboration and camaraderie set our members apart.

Meg Carroll

Ohio-Kentucky WJA Member, Meg Carroll of Meg C Gallery in Lexington, KY describes how joining WJA helped her transition to a new town.

Angie Crabtree

WJA keeps artist and painter, Angie Crabtree, connected to jewelry communities all over the country.

Adrianne Sanogo

New member, Adrianne Sanogo, shares her excitement about being part of WJA.

Nan Palmer

Nan describes how WJA has been a source of support and love throughout her ten-year career.

Susan Jacques

WJA Member Susan Jacques explains how important WJA is to the jewelry industry.

Severine Ferrari

Severine Ferrari explains how mutually beneficial it is for new members to join WJA.

Wendy Brandes

Encouragement and support are what keep this jewelry designer moving forward in the industry. “WJA has literally kept me going.”

Alexis Padis

Why get involved in WJA? Member Alexis Padis has the answer: women ARE the industry. 

Alexis Mazza

Knowing where to go, what to do, and who to call are just some of things WJA members learn by being a part of this “welcome and warm” association.

Annie Fensterstock

DIVA Design Award-winning designer, Annie Fensterstock stays connected and engaged to the industry through WJA. She describes how her involvement keeps her from getting lost in her own daily work.

Helena Krodel

WJA introduced her to key people who would guide her career and become her closest friends.

Pamela Froman

Proud WJA member, designer Pamela Froman, believes in women helping women and loves to see her friends growing and succeeding.

Debbie Hiss

“Built-in mentors” are what you receive when you become a member of WJA.

Barbara Palumbo

The creator of and, Barbara describes the mentorship and family ties she has found in WJA.

Jodi Goldsmith

This member talks about how she joined WJA through Jewelry Night Out and found a brand-new community of people who were willing to offer career guidance and support.

Amanda Gizzi

The first thing Amanda recommends to women new to the industry: Join WJA!

Craig Danforth

National board director, Craig Danforth, on how supporting women benefits everyone in the long run.  

Lauren Thompson

With a unique focus on helping women succeed in the industry, national board member, Lauren Thompson, finds volunteering with WJA to be an especially meaningful experience.

Sarah Nahikian

Sarah describes the interconnectedness of the industry and how the incomparable networking at WJA helps her stay in touch with an evolving jewelry world.

Brandee Dallow

“There is so much to learn and to grow from every day in the organization,” says current WJA board president, Brandee Dallow.

Pratima Sethi

Pratima Sethi is a strong believer in women helping women – which is why she thinks WJA is such an important organization for the industry.

Yancy Weinrich

WJA past president and Reed Jewelry Group SVP, Yancy Weinrich, says, “The best thing I’ve ever done in my career is join WJA…”

Prerna Sethi

Collaboration and making a meaningful difference in the industry are two important reasons why Prerna Sethi serves as the president of the NorCal chapter of WJA.

Sarin Bachmann

Corporate Member, Sarin Bachmann, of the Reed Jewelry Group, knows the power that strong female leadership can have in business and recommends WJA to every woman in the industry.

Jennifer Heebner

Care and support are the primary reasons that Metro NY Chapter President Elect, Jennifer Heebner, is so dedicated to WJA.

Gina Ferranti

NY-based jewelry designer, Gina Ferranti, gets inspiration and new ideas through her WJA membership. 

Dona Mary Dirlam

From its inception in the 80s, Dona has watched WJA create possibilities for women in business.

Remy Sasha Stankus

WJA provides access to face-to-face connections that can’t be beat.

Jill Moynihan

When Jill entered the industry as a new college grad, her company, Platinum Guild International, encouraged her to join WJA. It was a corporate gift that keeps on giving!

Allyson Riccardi

In the close-knit world of fine jewelry, it can be difficult to break through as a new designer. Allyson found that her participation with WJA helped her make connections and take part in industry activities that have been both fulfilling and rewarding.

Jen Cullen Williams

National board member, Jen Cullen Williams’ advice: Get involved. Start small, join a committee, then get on the board. This is a path you can take in WJA that will move you from mentee to mentor.

Hannah Becker

This gem artist and creator of ‘Diamondoodles” joined WJA as a student at GIA and has learned that the association is not just about building business, but also building community.

Andrea Hansen

WJA Past President, Andrea Hansen, describes how the association provided her a with an inner circle of professionals that was key to her career success.

Nan Lee

This Dallas jeweler discovered WJA when she popped into a gathering while traveling in NY. She went home and joined her local chapter right away.

Shelli Hoggarth

This Texas designer has found the support and guidance she was looking for from women who share their industry knowledge in the Dallas chapter.

Michael Pollak

Michael Pollak explains WJA’s importance to an industry that largely serves women.

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